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GNAP 2016

[33] The limits and abuses of authority in the church

The Word of God is the only absolute unquestionable authority. We should not obey any delegated authority who tells us to sin. In addition, delegated authorities in the church may overstep their proper authority, in which case we should deal with the issue biblically. We must take our commitment to our local church very seriously. The church is like a family and is part of the body of Christ. We must deal with problems biblically and may not leave a church unless it is operating unbiblically, and then we will be held accountable before God, so we must be very sure. Christians are personally responsible to know God’s Word and we must be very careful in finding and joining a local church. Read More

[32] Delegated Authority in the Church: Part III

There is a need for discipline in the church and God has given elders the authority to administer that discipline, although every member of the church is responsible to deal with sin. Ultimately, that discipline can include excommunication, which is the most serious punishment a person can receive because it mirrors God’s actions. A person who has been properly excommunicated and does not repent, will go to hell. There is great pressure on church leaders to not administer proper discipline and to compromise the Word of God. John F. MacArthur recently compromised the Word of God by teaching that pastors have no authority, which is unbiblical and contrary to his own prior teaching. Read More

[31] Delegated Authority in the Church: Part II

It was standard practice in the New Testament churches to appoint elders, who have God-given authority to interpret and apply the Word of God to the lives of the believers who are under them. Elders in the church today have this same authority. We are blessed by God when willingly come under the authority of these God-appointed leaders, who hold the keys to the kingdom of Heaven. Read More

[30] Delegated Authority in the Church: Part I

The Word of God is our ultimate authority, but God also delegates authority to pastors and elders to rule his church, which includes the authority to interpret and apply the Word of God to specific situations. Read More

[29] Delegated Authority in the Family

Husbands are to lead their wives, while fathers and mothers together are to rule their children. Authority is good and is always to be used to benefit those who are under authority. The family is the most fundamental sphere of authority. Husbands and parents are accountable to God. We will be blessed if we willingly submit to proper authority in the family. Read More

[28] Delegated Authority in the State and Family

There is order and submission within the godhead (called the Economic Trinity) even though all three persons of the godhead are the same in essence, dignity and authority (ontological equality). God also delegates authority in three spheres of human interaction; the family, the church, and the state. Authority is given for the benefit of those who are under it. The state is given the power of the sword. Read More

[27] The Authority of the Bible

Marc Roby: We are resuming our study of systematic theology today by continuing to examine the characteristics of Scripture. We introduced the acrostic SNAC, which stands for sufficiency, necessity, authority and clarity. We have discussed... Read More

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